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Shhh…it sleeps.

September 24, 2013

She’s asleep, for the next five, ten, thirty, who knows, minutes, so I’m blogging a quick one.

Isn’t it funny how our language changes with life events? I mean, my daily vocabulary now includes the words “poo” and “peepee” and “tinkle.” And sing-song voice while discussing all types of things.

The online community of moms has altered my vocabulary even more. I am currently a SAHM with an EBF 2MO DD, living with my DH.

Probably half of you reading this (Hi, Monica.) understood that. The other half don’t have a clue where I’m going.

(Stay At Home Mom with an Exclusively Breast Fed 2 Month Old Dear Daughter, living with my Dear Husband).

Well, I was a SAHM. But as of today, I’m now a WAHM. (Work At Home Mom). Lol. (Laugh out loud, also known as the catchall for “what I/you just said was quite humorous but I’m too cool to actually use the phrase ‘laugh out loud’ so I’m going to ironically say ‘lol’ and we’ll both know that I’m funny but not outdated”)

Can you keep up? I can’t.

But I did just get a new job, one that enables me to work from the kitchen counter, in my PJs, while Claire sleeps/rolls around on the floor next to me. (Just kidding. She can’t roll yet. She’s stubborn that way.)

I’m excited, but also nervous about how this will impact my parenting style. We’re a “crunchy” family, who practices Attachment Parenting (buzzwords!!!!), which basically means Claire is attached to either one of us pretty much 24 hours a day. We practice safe bedsharing, cloth diapering, and we are planning to breastfeed until Claire decides she’s done. We don’t let her “cry it out,” which means one or the other of us needs to have hands-free and available pretty much at all times.

All of this is going to prove challenging, now that C has to share me with my computer screen. Luckily, though, it’s a laptop, and I can put it…on my lap…or on the floor, or on a table, or on a chair. So we will see how that goes.

But it basically means there’s gonna be a lot of this.

ImageNote the wet hair and rockin’ Christmas robe. In September. WAHM for the win!

Yes, she woke up just in the 10 minutes it took me to write this post. And despite the “nerves”…I don’t look too worried, do I?

Tee hee. NO, wait. Lol. 

Ha. See how fun and hip I am? 🙂

Have a great Tuesday, peeps!

Updated, oh, 5 minutes after posting
: That saucy little grin is because Claire just had a big “poopoo” in her diaper. 🙂 Motherhood beckons!

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  1. Bendiksen, Melissa S permalink
    September 24, 2013 1:10 pm

    Add writer to your list of professions!
    It’s great to read you again.
    You have so many talents lisa. I am proud to know you.
    And of course your daughter and that smile…..breaks open my heart every time I see it.

    Missy Bendiksen, RN
    Horn Elementary
    4530 Holly St.
    Bellaire, TX 77401
    713 295-5264; fax 713 295-5286
    HISD Rt 2
    Life Instruction: Breathe In; Breath Out. Repeat.

  2. Monica permalink
    September 24, 2013 1:52 pm


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