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Cooking with iPhone…Crab and Mint Risotto with Peas

December 27, 2010

So I’ve had the iPhone for a few weeks now (thanks, early Christmas!), and I’ve found several many uses for its ability to tell me any piece of information I want to know at any time of the day, night, or location.

One of the things I find incredibly useful about the iPhone is its ability to look up recipes instantly. I have an app or two downloaded for this purpose, plus the general awesomeness of Safari at viewing mobile versions of my favorite websites (does this sound like a loveletter to Steve Jobs yet?) means I can find macarons at midnight, eggnog on Christmas Eve, and, in this case, Crab and Mint Risotto with Peas while I’m in the process of shopping at Whole Foods with my best friend since childhood, Merideth!

Risotto deliciousness

Risotto deliciousness

I found the website through my Epicurious app, and Merideth thought it sounded phenomenal (and so did I), so voilà!

I also thought I’d put the iPhone through its picture paces, to see how it did with lower lighting and bright colors.

iPhone loves ya, Mer!

One thing I’ve found is that the WordPress app on iPhone only allows you to put one picture at a time into a post. So I’m editing this post on my laptop, unfortunately. But that’s probably my only complaint.


The photos are a touch blurry, but I could get a better quality image if I chose to keep a higher file size (higher resolution, higher size).

Anyway, back to the risotto – the recipe was pretty good, with some bright flavors from the lemon zest and mint, and a creamy finish from the parmigiano reggiano. The crab was a little strong at first, but once we gave the dish enough time to meld, it was superb.

Such pretty colors!

Can I just say for a moment how awesome it is that A. Merideth and I are still such good friends after (ahem) 22 years of friendship, B. Merideth and her parents enjoy things like crabmeat and mint risotto with peas, and C. Merideth and her parents chose to celebrate their wedding anniversary with me!

Happy Anniversary, Merideth Parents!

To complement the meal, Merideth’s mom put together a beautiful Christmas tablescape:

I learned the word Tablescape from watching Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee

And our lovely placesettings:

Merideth's mom has such an artistic eye. I love it!

And finally, this post would not be complete without…


Merideth made ginger cookies. (OK, technically Williams Sonoma made them, but Merideth baked and decorated them!)

Delicious! And fun. I’m so glad I have such wonderful friends and family, now at the holidays, and always. 🙂

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