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Happy birthday…to me!

November 15, 2010

(Is it selfish to say that? I mean, I think I sang it to myself when I was 4…but possibly it’s not as cute in your twenties…)

Hey y’all, guess what…It was my birthday this week! And y’all…it was a WEEK of cupcakes!

Cupcakes Number One

First, my friend Michelle’s mother sent her Sprinkles cupcakes for her birthday, which just so happens to be exactly one week before mine. (Nice Toms, Chelle)

They were adorable, including some with a surplus of school spirit:

Gig 'em!

The cupcakes were tasty – I had one, but I’m still not totally sure what the flavor was. It was sweet, it had an ENORMOUS amount of buttercream frosting, and it was eaten. That’s what I got. 🙂

Anyways, after that AWESOMENESS, in addition to my first birthday gifts (ahem ahem, the traditional V.S. undies exchange on behalf of Club 5212, and a SPARKLY wristlet from Mama Dacus!), I was off to a great start.

And then…I got home…and found…MY BIRTHDAY BOX FROM FRIEND OF THE BLOG ROB!!! (In my head this segment of the blog includes the cheer track from the Price is Right, with me, the main contestant, clapping my hands in joy and excitement in an “I can’t believe it!!!” way that is not all that believable considering the contestant came on the show specifically with the intention of competing…)


I got a cupcake snack plate (going on my wall ASAP)…a craft punch with a CUPCAKE on it (courtesy one Martha Stewart):

I can't wait to use this sucker on paper or possibly on fondant...

Some steeckers:

Cupcake stickers, of course...

And my favorite, favorite part:

Ceramic cupcake!

I now have a bona fide COLLECTION of ceramic cupcakes – one from Barcelona, one from Rob before I left DC, and now this one! And my favorite part of the ceramic cupcakes from Rob?

It's functional!!!

I love the purple insides – they’re SO stinkin’ cute.

And with that, I’m going to go check my email, check Facebook, and finish catching up on my Hulu queue, since I made sure to update this post before doing any of that. 🙂

Thanks, everyone, for all the birthday AWESOMENESS – and the awesomeness still to come (I have a few, cough cough, out of town gifts on their way…). What a great day!!!

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