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Peach Pie Results

August 3, 2010

As promised yesterday, I tried out the peach pie at a lovely dinner with friends (at my house – how rare!) last night, and here’s the report.

Peach pie roof.

I used smitten kitchen’s pie crust, which requires oodles of chilling and resting time, to cover a pie made of her bourbon peach pie filling.

The filling held up really well, and after letting the pie come to room temperature (I let it stand overnight, since I baked it at like 9pm on Sunday) after slicing the pie looked like this:

Peachy and delicious.

The fruit flavor was really forward in this filling, and luckily for me the peaches were at the peak state of ripeness for it.

I was a little bit less than thrilled with the crust…it held up just fine, and as a regular pie crust it was good, but for a peach pie…it just didn’t seem to mesh, to me. I think in my head I kept expecting more of a cobbler flavor. I’ll re-taste it for you today, probably, just to make sure. 🙂 I’m guessing if we’d eaten it the day it was baked it would have been a bit better.

I also noticed the sugar burning in spots on the crust – I probably should have lowered the pie in the oven, to avoid this. I did use the foil cover trick, which basically consists of taking a piece of aluminum foil that covers the entire top of the pie, fold it in half, then in half again (in squares), cut out a 4 inch circle from the corner, then unfold everything so the final product is a big square of foil with an 8 inch circle cut out of the middle. Then you just rest it gently on the pie, so the edges of the crust are protected from direct heat. This keeps the edges, which are projected up higher than the rest of the pie, from burning too quickly.

All in all, the peaches were definitely a win, and warmed with a scoop of ice cream, the whole thing was scrumptious.

Not a great picture, but it was a pretty delicious pie.

Next up: actual peach cobbler. Because the peaches are getting so smushy they really are good for nothing else. Happy Tuesday!!!

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