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April 21, 2010

…how I said cupcakes make everything better? Well, boy does THAT statement need some qualifiers.

Cupcakes which DO IN FACT make your day better:

1. Margarita cupcakes you baked for a friend which were delivered with no accidental messups and which ended up quite tasty.

2. Surprise chocolate and Reese’s cupcakes you receive from a friend of a friend, for no other reason than to share the joy of the cupcake.

3. Cupcakes you plan on baking for your friends which you’re capable of baking because you’re still in the same country as them. (No pictures yet, but get excited…they’re coming).

Cupcakes which do not, in fact, make your day better after the jump.

Cupcakes which do NOT, in fact, make your day better:

1. Georgetown Cupcakes* you sent to your mother’s office (a college university campus) for her birthday that she was supposed to receive while you were in Ethiopia so she would feel special since despite the fact that her daughter abandoned her on her birthday to be in Africa she still loves her, which subsequently were shipped to a parcel receiving dock at which the on-campus delivery guy was not present at time of delivery (from the FedEx guy, confusing, I know) and for which you had no contact information and thereby spent 45 minutes calling random offices on campus until you finally tracked them down at 5 minutes to 5PM when the office closes at 5PM on the dot so you then have to call your mother’s receptionist to force your mother to run to the receiving dock to get them BY FIVE to ensure the cupcake goodness.


This woman, though, absolutely, positively, 110% saved my life. Laura works in an office down the hall from my Mom, and when I reached her phone number on my frantic “Gotta get this done before Mom leaves the office today!!!” search for cupcakes, she volunteered to go door-to-door to all the offices, searching and hunting for the cupcakes themselves or for a person with the same last name as whoever signed for the cupcakes, and at long, long last, she found them!!! Thanks to Laura, my mom was able to enjoy 12 little puffs of Georgetown deliciousness, perfectly temperature-controlled and protected from shipping’s harmful jostling.

THANK YOU, Laura, YOU ARE AWESOME. And as if all this didn’t prove it to you, she’s a blogger as well! (Duh, see link above…) I’m so excited! She just blogged about Sprinkles cupcakes here, and here she has a hilarious “sitting at the doctor’s office” story that literally made me laugh out loud. Go check her out, comment on her blog, and say THANK YOU for helping me. She rocks.

SO…I guess, in the end, even the cupcake that doesn’t make your day can, in fact, make your day…just not in the ways you expected.

Moral of the story: Don’t send your mother cupcakes when her building’s under construction and there’s no way for the FedEx guy to hand-deliver things to the receptionist in her office. Thanks, and gig them.

*All the shipping drama (which was my own fault) aside, I highly recommend Georgetown Cupcakes for any sort of out-of-town cupcake shipping needs. They go to great lengths to protect their cupcakes from heat or other kinds of shipping awfulness, and they do next-day air through FedEx shipping, so the cupcakes are still fresh when they arrive. They’re very pricey (Mom, don’t read this: I paid $60 for a dozen to be shipped, including a cupcake cost of ~$30 and shipping cost of ~$30) but if there’s an event in particular you want to celebrate, the gang at Georgetown are phenomenal about making little fondant decorations and other customizable things you’re looking for. They have excellent customer service, which is something you dang well BETTER be getting with your $60 cupcakes. So go ahead. Patronize them. 🙂

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  1. April 21, 2010 9:04 pm

    Hey Lisa!
    Awesome entry. Just wanted to second your suggestion about Georgetown since WSJ did a testing and Georgetown came out on top! Wish I had known about this place when I was in D.C. two years ago:

    • Cupcake permalink
      April 22, 2010 10:08 am

      Thanks, Von! I’m glad you liked it, and yes. Georgetown won the Cupcake Wars. I do have to say, though, that the chocolate ganache they won for is not my favorite – it’s definitely tasty, but they really do magical things with cream cheese frosting that you shouldn’t skip. And all the more reason for you to come visit! 🙂

  2. April 21, 2010 11:35 pm

    You made my day! Still enjoying the goodness, but have decided to share with your savior Laura from down the hall. I commented on her blog as well. It truly is a small “blog” world!
    I love you!

    • Cupcake permalink
      April 22, 2010 10:08 am

      Awwwwww, yay! Happy birthday, Mom – I’m SO GLAD they made it to you. And thanks for sharing with Laura!!!!

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