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Guest Featuring – A Quick How-To

March 14, 2010

Hey there, folks.

First of all, hope you all remembered to spring forward an hour this morning. Luckily my cellphone does it for me, but just in case, here’s your reminder. It’s an hour later than you think it is.

On an entirely unrelated note, I’ve started a Cupcake email address: So now you can email me anytime, with blog-related issues! Also – did you know that Firefox has an option that allows you to set your “mailto” to Gmail (rather than Outlook)? I discovered this last night – you go to “Tools” then “Options” then “Applications”, and search “Mail.” I tried doing it in Internet Explorer, but yet again found it impossible to use. If someone knows how to change that setting for IE, let me know.

So: back to the point. Several of you have expressed interest in submitting a guest feature. And several of you have expressed trepidation at the prospect of posting your words for everyone to see. So to help guide you on writing your own guest post, or perhaps to help calm you down about it, I thought I’d do a quick post.

Guest Featuring: Explained

As mentioned before, Guest Features are intended to showcase the cooking and writing prowess of my friends. They do not have to be fancy, perfectly-written or with perfect photos. They don’t need a giant message, or a bent toward one type of food or another. They don’t even need to be about food! They’re literally just a way for you to communicate with my readers, plain and simple.

So, to make the process easier for you, what I propose is the following. If you’re interested in guest featuring, send me an email to In the email, please include the following:

1. Your post, as a Word document or as the text of an email.

2. Pictures of whatever you’ve posted about. These can be included as separate attachments, or as part of the Word document.

3. Any extra tidbits about yourself that may pertain to your post.

Then, I will edit your post, to make sure it makes sense, is grammatically correct, and fits the tone of the blog. I’ll then send you back a copy of the post after I’ve finished with it, to make sure you’re comfortable with the final product. Sound easy enough?

In case you’re struggling a bit with an idea of what to post, here’s a quick list of ideas. Feel free to write on whatever you want, this list is not exhaustive, by any stretch.

– A recipe by your grandma that you’re particularly proud of

– A trip you’ve taken recently, where some bit of tourism really stood out to you

– Your favorite restaurant, and why

– Your hobby, and why you like it

– A unique recipe with cultural, ethnic, or gastronomical significance

– A short story

– Some music you love, a band you like, a movie that’s your favorite, etc.

The possibilities are endless – I’m open to just about anything! Let me know if you have any questions, and don’t be shy – if you’ve ever told a story to a friend in person, I can guarantee you have something interesting and relevant to say. And I’m more than happy to help you make it ready for public consumption!

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