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Congratulations, Chris and Holly! (Oreo Cupcakes)

January 31, 2010

A few months ago, my officemate Chris from grad school got married to a wonderful woman named Holly! They had the wedding in Holly’s hometown, so none of us DC rats were able to make it. To make up for the fact that we missed out, we wanted to have a party here for the happy couple, and they finally chose yesterday evening for a small gathering of friends.

Contratulations, Chris and Holly!

When we first started talking about this party, Chris asked me if I would mind making cupcakes for the wedding. Really? MIND?!? I would LOVE to! So the plan was for Lisa to produce X number of black and white (themed) cupcakes for the party. Got it.

Well, the week of the party arrives, and Lisa has the worst sinus infection evah – I’ve been to the doctor, I’m on antibiotics, the whole nine yards. So I wasn’t so sure if I was going to have the energy to produce truly fantastic cupcakes…but we persevered, I asked them what flavors they would be interested in (vanilla, chocolate, lemon, etc.) and Chris said he’d get back to me.

They finally settled on Oreo, which was a giant happy for me, because it was a cupcake I’d never done and therefore could get really excited about!

Side view

People. These suckers taste like an Oreo. These cupcakes were really fun to make, and they turned out very well (if I do say so m’self). Basically I scoured the interwebs, used the Georgetown Cupcake chocolate cupcake recipe for the base and improvise a cream cheese cookies and cream frosting based on the traditional cream cheese frosting from Georgetown.

One cool trick I found while looking through the recipes online (it was mentioned several times so I’m not sure who the originator was – maybe Martha Stewart’s Cookies and Cream Cheesecakes?) was to put half an Oreo in the base of each cupcake liner:

Filling side up!

This was really fun to do, because I got to just sit there and twist Oreos all morning. Also I saved the extra cookies to use in the frosting.

Fun fun fun!

You can see my twisting skills have something to be desired – I’m somehow incapable of the perfect twist-off. Sigh.

Anyways – I made the batter, filled the papers, baked them (about 20 minutes), then left them on wire racks to cool while I finished the frosting.

For the frosting, I wanted to have a “cookies n’ cream” ice cream-type flavor, but I knew that it would have to be a strong frosting to stand up to a chocolate cupcake (this ain’t no wimpy vanilla, people). So I went back and forth across the web, looking for really good options. There weren’t many – most of them were whipping cream-based, and as I’ve never worked with whipping cream as an icing before, I was nervous of choosing an icing that ran the chance of melting off before it even arrived at the party, so I had to stick to what I knew.

Piles and piles of cookies n' cream goodness.

And boy did that turn out to be the right decision – the Georgetown recipe for frosting is actually not as cream cheese-y as you’d expect, so the mild tangy flavor didn’t detract from the cookies at all – instead, it made the whole topping really sumptuous and not overly sweet.

Basically I took the standard recipe, then added crushed Oreo crumbs (leftover from filling the bottoms of the cups with the Oreos with filling) 1/4 cup at a time until I got the color and texture I wanted. I piped the icing on the frosted cupcakes with a Wilton #32 star tip, then topped each with an Oreo cut in half. The hardest part about these cupcakes was cutting the Oreos in half for the garnish – don’t know if you’ve ever tried, but Jiminy Crickets – Oreos just do not cut well! I ended up with crumbled Oreos all over the counter, and like six perfectly cut pieces. Frustration level: high.

But, all in all, these were super fun to make, and super fun to EAT.

My one complaint (aside from the impossibility of cutting a totally crunchy Oreo cookie) was that I should have sprayed the cupcake liners with a little cooking spray before baking. As it was, while the bottoms came out adorable:

Cute little cupcake butt.

and while the cupcake itself was really cute and had a nice texture:

I had a powdered sugar mishap while prepping my "tester" cupcake, thus the white freckles.

The cookie itself kindof stuck to the wrapper, so when you were disrobing the cupcake the cookie came off with the pants.

But all in all, a really tasty cupcake. That I’ll definitely make again. Despite the following:



Haha. Thank you goes out to Tom, for driving the cupcakes to the party – I was, unfortunately, unable to attend the party due to a work event that had previously been scheduled the same night, but the cupcakes were in attendance which is, let’s be honest, the most important part anyway. Congratulations, Chris and Holly!!! I wish you both many years of marital (and cupcake!) bliss.

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  1. January 31, 2010 3:06 pm


    • lisam permalink
      January 31, 2010 3:11 pm

      Yuuuuuup. And yes. I saved you one. Even though you don’t answer when I call you.


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