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Cupcake shoutout du jour – Salted Caramel, from the New and Improved Georgetown Cupcake

January 15, 2010

On Monday, in addition to volunteering for MLK Day, I will be making a trip to Georgetown Cupcake, to see their new flagship location (there will be pictures) and get my absolute favorite cupcake – the toffee crunch (more on that on Monday).

In the meantime, however, Melissa, my office soulmate (sorry, Steve! she’s mine), is helping to tide over my Georgetown addiction with Gtown’s contribution to the salted caramel phenomenon.

Salted caramel phenomenon? Try phenomenAL!

Mmmm – delicious caramel, luscious caramel buttercream, and that moist, tender crumb that I have never, EVER been able to effectively replicate. I don’t even usually like buttercream icing (too sweet – I prefer cream cheese based ones) but this stuff is quite tasty.

Not a great photo, but yes a great cupcake.

I love that they’re wearing brown pants – makes it seem so much more…fancy? Like a french pastry that comes in one of those brown and gold wrappers.

And yes, that is a Starbucks cup you see – thanks to my mom and aunt, I’ve got $8,000 (not really) to spend at Starbucks, and what better way to complement a latté made with half and half than with a cupcake laden with caramel? There is none, admit it. I can feel my thunder thighs expanding even as we speak, and folks…it’s a great feeling.

Ahhh, Georgetown. Can’t wait til I get to visit you in person (and finally spend the giftcard Rob gave me for my birthday!!!)!

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  1. January 15, 2010 11:27 am

    So glad you enjoyed it! And so flattered that I’m your office soulmate!! 🙂

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