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Blizzard Schmizzard…no wait, the Metro’s closed!?

December 20, 2009

Downtown DC, covered in 2 feet of snow.

Weeell, as many of you probably know by now, the DC area was hammered with tons of snow yesterday, starting late Friday night and continuing through til yesterday evening. There was actually a blizzard warning – whiteouts imminent. Roads were closed, the Metro above ground stations were closed, and basically the entire tri-state area was shut down.

Sometimes blizzards can be pretty.

So what did this cupcake do to fill her shut-in hours? Why, make candy, of course!

Welcome to the Snowventure!

So wait…if you made candy, why am I looking at a picture of the blizzard? Well, as it turned out,  I had forgotten the key ingredient for my candy project of the day: Scharffen-Berger chocolate for the truffles! So I had to foray out into the “frozen wasteland” (as my father calls it) in search of sweets.

I called in a favor and asked my Chicagoland friend Tom to accompany me (to pull me out of a snowdrift when the inevitable fall came) and we set out. Of course, when you finally get all those layers on, and get all the way out in the snow, you just can’t bring yourself to miss out on an opportunity to build a snowman!


Isn’t she cute? She wasn’t 100% anatomically balanced…

Big bootie.

…but a mama loves her baby, no matter what shape its backside is.

Well, when you’re trekking through a blizzard, and have built a snowman, and are covered in snow already, the next logical step, naturally,…

is to make a snowangel!

Ski pants would have been useful at this point, but my friend scoffed at the idea upon leaving. Needless to say, he was wrong to scoff. My legs were soaked ~15 seconds after this photo was taken.

My handiwork was adequate, though somewhat off-centered:


So, Snowventure complete, I returned to mi casa to attempt to make the following:

I’ll grant you, I got 2/3, but of the 20 hours I spent making candy this weekend, close to 16 hours of that was taken up with those dang maple creams. The whole point behind making the maple creams was to make use of one of my 26 birthday gifts from Rob, namely this high quality maple syrup.

Syrupy goodness.

The recipe looks awesome, the pictures sublime. The reality? I made three separate batches of this crap and not a single dadgum one came out. Frustration level: exponentially high. The first was too liquid, the second was caramel, the last was crumbly. Lisa and fudge are evidently NOT best friends. Plus I used up ALL of my stupid syrup making the stupid maple creams. AGH! (Tears were shed, you better believe it)

So instead of the stupid maple creams, I had to substitute chocolate pecan candies and brown sugar pecan shortbread cookies (not a bad trade, eh?). The irony of all this, of course, is that I was going to use these as gifts for my friends at work (including friend of the blog Rob, who doesn’t work with me, but who does work near me). Naturally, as I’ve put in so many hours, the lovely federal government decided today that they will not open tomorrow, and as our organization operates on the federal system, my office is not open tomorrow. So, 80 meringues, 57 truffles, and a couple dozen chocolate pecan candies and cookies later, I’m looking at hauling bags of sugar home for the holidays tomorrow. Yay.

So: to recap. Lisa + fudge = anger, snowman = fun, and candy with no home = picture fodder for the blog. Enjoy!

Poofy pillows of peppermint.

If I have to eat another one of these I will vomit. 80 is far too many.

Chocolate pecan candies.

Side view.

These candies are my loves. They are toasted, buttered pecans coated in melted chocolate bark. That’s it. No psycho recipe. No candy thermometer. Nobody cares about humidity levels, pot sizes, lucky charms, or special fudge-related rain dances. Just simple melting, toasting, and stirring. Ahhh.

The simplest candy evah. This is why it is my soulmate.

And for the finale, my first attempt at (real) truffles.

Chocolate truffles: the first.

Delicious, if a bit bitter. The cocoa powder was too thick at first, so I had to knock 'em around in a paper sack.

Alrighty peeps – I’m off to bed. To all my friends in DC, hope you’re staying safe and warm, and if you’re trying to get out of town, hope your flight goes through. To all my family in Texas, get ready to eat the contents of this post. To everyone else, wish me luck that I make it to Texas tomorrow, and that I somehow am able to get from my house to the airport with all these candies intact!

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  1. December 21, 2009 6:24 pm

    You should have seen my eyes as I was reading your post. They got so big!!!!

  2. hthomson permalink
    December 23, 2009 12:36 am

    I have the same problem with candy – it won’t set up, the thermometer broke in the candy so I had a burned mess in the pan, you name it. Glad the rest of them turned out for you.

    • lisam permalink
      January 8, 2010 12:20 pm

      Ugh. I threw my thermometer out. I’m going to buy a new one and try that maple stuff again – one more loss and…well, I’ll probably keep trying. I’m a glutton for punishment, what can I say?


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