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Good things come to those who bake!

September 3, 2009
Sweet surprise

Sweet surprise

How cool is this!? I sent some chocolate macarons home with an office friend to give to his wife who’s expecting a baby in October (she’s having major chocolate cravings right now, and Subway, which I find hilarious), and so now we’ve started a dessert exchange!

She’s Indian herself, so she sent me some delicious Indian sweets to try.

Indian sweets!

Indian sweets!

Coconut dumpling

Coconut dumpling

Cashew nut bar

Cashew nut bar

I’ve tasted the cashew bar a few times before (though this was a particularly delicious specimen), but the dumpling was totally new to me.

The consistency was not at all what I expected – the outside is pastry, but the inside is actually crunchy! Like a malted milk ball, only less sweet. Really cool, and a neat taste.

The cashew bar was very creamy, and yes, that’s edible silver on the top. Mmm! Thanks, Darshana!!!

And a few pics of the macarons I made as a hostess gift for Merideth in Chicago (hopefully she won’t read this before I arrive):

I remembered to take a picture of the batter this time!

I remembered to take a picture of the batter this time!

Vanilla shell with a cherry jam center.

Vanilla shell with a cherry jam center.

This box is actually really tiny.

This box is actually really tiny (it's intended to hold 1 cupcake).

Up close and personal.

Up close and personal.

Quick recipe – I mixed together Martha Stewart’s base and David Lebovitz’s to make these vanilla shells (David’s recipe includes 3 T of coca powder, which meant I had to add more powdered sugar to make up for the dry ingredients):

1 1/4 c. powdered sugar (approximately – could have been closer to 1.5 c.)

2.5 oz. sliced almonds, pulverized in my blender (yes, I need a food processor)

2 egg whites

1/4 cup of granulated sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla

2 drops of orange gel paste food coloring (thanks, Rob!)

For the fillings I used the same caramel as before (from Simply Recipes) and for the cherry filling I used Bonne Maman cherry jam (sue me – I didn’t have time to make my own freaking jam). The one or two chocolate-filled ones were the same chocolate filling that David Lebovitz described.

I just love these dainty little treats! I gave Merideth one chocolate-filled chocolate macaron (leftover from Tuesday – hopefully it’ll work out!), a couple vanilla-caramel, a couple vanilla-cherry, and one vanilla-chocolate. I had one extra vanilla-chocolate, which I gave to office friend Peter who pronounced it “outstanding.”

Big grins!

Have a great Labor Day weekend.

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  1. Emily Gunn permalink
    September 9, 2009 12:50 pm

    The coconut dumpling sounds amazing! Should 315 venture into the world of exotic baking?!?!

  2. September 10, 2009 5:26 pm


  3. September 10, 2009 9:51 pm

    i know for a fact those macarons were marvelous!

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