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L’enterrement de la vie de jeune fille…Burying WHAT little girl’s life?!

July 11, 2009

So…why did I go back to Texas? Was it for our nation’s birthday? My family? NO. It was for…l’enterrement de la vie de jeune fille of one of my dear friends from college.

Translated literally as the burial of the life of the little girl, this is actually the French phrase for a bachelorette party! My college roommate Laura is getting married to a wonderful man (yes, Blair, I just complimented you on my blog…die a happy man) in August. As she’s graciously invited me to be a part of her house party, I just felt obligated (twist MY arm) to go down to Dallas for the bachelorette party!

The idea for the party was simple: host a lingerie (woo hoo!) shower at Elizabeth’s house, after which we’d get Mexican food and then go out dancing. The shower was great – Elizabeth and Michelle put together a bunch of sugar cookies in the shape of bras and undies, which the guests (all women, obviously) were able to decorate with icing. Mine were cute pink and cream striped:

Edible lingerie (no, not THAT kind)
Edible lingerie (no, not THAT kind)

After which we opened gifts (no pictures of these, Blair, sorry!), put on our accessories for the evening:

They even light up!
They even light up!

(modeled by my beastly arm, in pink, and Jessica’s dainty paws, in silver) and headed out for a night on the town.

Due to the extreme heat that week (triple digits every day), I was struck with heat exhaustion that evening (don’t ask about the symptoms – just gross) so the rest of the weekend went relatively undocumented, but we had a wonderful time staying with my Dad’s best friend John and his wife Diane and their two kids.

All in all, a wonderful trip! I’ll be back again in August for Laura and Blair’s wedding, so expect even MORE Texas pictures then!

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  1. Douglas Naaden permalink
    July 12, 2009 3:54 pm

    More beastly arms, I’ve never seen!

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