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A good recipe

June 9, 2009


I haven’t tried this one yet, but as I’m desperate for ways to eat well but maintain a seriously small food and entertainment budget ($10/day, anyone?), when I saw this recipe for homemade gnocchi I got really excited.

For those who don’t know, gnocchi are a type of pasta made of potatoes and flour. They are typically served tossed in a type of sauce. I’ve had them with a tomato-based sauce and with cream and butter-based sauces, and I’m happy no matter what. They are typically served without meat, though, because they are quite rich and filling in themselves (good for the wallet). The recipe Clotilde posted is made up of potatoes, flour, salt and egg, all of which are very cost-conscious objects of my affection.

Clotilde of C&Z tends to recommend some really great things, but often they are a bit more price-intensive. This is a great recipe for those of us with limited cash, and gnocchi is a GREAT way to make your pasta dishes seem superfancy. I’ll definitely pop a picture of these suckers up when I get a chance to make them!

To see the recipe, click here.

On a side note, I moved this weekend. It’s amazing to me how many boxes and bags of “stuff” I own – and am forced to carry – every time I move. Exhaustion still rules, thus the somewhat ripped-off blog posting about another person’s blog post, but I’m working on getting my energy back. Pictures will be posted soon of the fancy apartment I’m now living in (and my beautiful new kitchen). I love the place, I’m just wishing I had a personal assistant to unpack me while I’m at work…


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